3D Visualization Systems

3D Visualization Systems

Product Description

No need to wear specialized glasses to experience the shock of the three-dimensional effect

Unique 8-viewpoint image synthesis algorithm, three-dimensional super transparent screen, bright, clear, no ghosting

Cylindrical lens grating design, the brightness of the light transmission rate of up to 90% or more

Unattended design, automatic intelligent playback mode, automatic timer switch machine;

Medical software, optional 3D CT scan video support 3D display

Optional wall / cabinet one machine to meet a variety of scenes


The diagnostic imaging revolutionary breakthrough:

break the traditional three-dimensional workstation diagnostic mode

strengthen the doctor for complex human anatomy

Observation of the structure and the ability to identify

 more intuitive, more accurate diagnosis.

Surgical intervention treatment revolution:

preoperative preparation and surgical scheduling more intuitive

And accurate

interventional treatment programs to be able to be more precise set

during surgery allows doctors to conduct real

Time operations, and to observe the different angles. With

Facilitate more accurate implementation of surgery

Consultation teaching revolution:

more accurate exchange of experts and intuitive

doctor-patient communication, make patients more emotional understanding

Disease, doctors can more clearly explain treatment options

medical teaching activities, allowing students

Plus intuitive perceptual observation and learning


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