Visualization solutions

3D Visualization Systems

Product Description

No need to wear specialized glasses to experience the shock of the three-dimensional effect

Unique 8-viewpoint image synthesis algorithm, three-dimensional super transparent screen, bright, clear, no ghosting

Cylindrical lens grating design, the brightness of the light transmission rate of up to 90% or more

Unattended design, automatic intelligent playback mode, automatic timer switch machine;

Medical software, optional 3D CT scan video support 3D display

Optional wall / cabinet one machine to meet a variety of scenes

Consultation Monitor

Product Description

A specific remote teaching, consultation and other uses developed 70-inch professional touch display, the product constant pursuit of excellence user touch and interactive experience feelings, teaching training, medical consultation, or information inquiries, Business studiowith superior performance.

Medical Monitor
SMART ML 2002/2103/2105D
SMART CL 2002/2103

Product Description

1、A medical professional grayscale display and traditional film is monochromatic, doctors easier to accept.

2、For rendering detailed images, grayscale display resolution is high, such as the resolution of 2048X2560 5M.

3、Order to be able to distinguish each grayscale medical display brightness is high, hundreds CD/M2.

4、Medical monitor can display input and output through a dedicated instrument calibration and correction software curve correction conforms to the DICOM curve.

5、High grayscale, as 10BIT, 12BIT detailed and accurate reflect the image quality.

6. General with the professional grayscale graphics.

Medical monitor after the international quality certification


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