TCL mizar

TCL mizar

Igration, new platform, its outstanding performance and the nature, process and efficient user interface combined to improve the efficiency of the doctor.Good patient management system to the user as the center of the control panel, intuitive system operation interface make inspection more human.Its new industrial design concept, not only ensure the today can have computing power and influence the powerful data processing ability, at the same time in the future can also be very flexible application of advanced technology, with continuous convenient upgrade ability.

First: the highly effective 3 D/ 4 D solution

Efficient 3 D / 4 D imaging mode: surface imaging mode, maximum imaging mode, minimum imaging, X-ray imaging mode such as perfect diversification effect of 3 D / 4 D images.

Second: the flexible design efficiency

. A key intelligent optimization

. Fast image optimization effect

. Improve the efficiency of clinical work

. In Windows powerful ability to upgrade and space always is the latest development of ultrasonic technology

. Preset application conditions

. Users can edit, save, and obtaining different application conditions of presupposition, improve work efficiency


Third: advanced ultrasonic technology provides excellent image quality

. Speckle Reduction Imaging technology

. Space Compound Imaging technology

. Organization second harmonic imaging technology

. Blood flow imaging optimization technique

. Physical Signs Imaging technique

. Fast optimization control function

. Tissue Specificity Imaging technology


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