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Welcome to the world of TCL Healthcare!

TCL Healthcare, formerly known as TCL Medical Systems, was established in October 2009 in Beijing, China.

With the goal of being the leading supplier of medical diagnostic image equipment and the best partner of the radiologists, we are devoting
ourselves into R&D, manufacturing and distribution of medical devices.

TCL Healthcare was selected in 2010 as one of the core enterprises of Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Development Project (also known as the "G20" project). And then was named as "Outstanding Growth Enterprise of the G20 Project" in Nov., 2012.

TCL Healthcare firmly believes that innovation is the soul of business development. We are introducing and will introduce more and more high-tech medical devices, such as that of X-Ray, Ultrasound, DSA, CT and MRi into the market worldwide, and make healthcare service more accessible and affordable to all the people.

We are now expanding our distribution network, sales and sales support staff to bring our high-quality products closer to end users. More and more facilities equipped with TCL Healthcare product can be found around China and countries in Southeast Asia.

TCL Website: http://www.tcl.com


TEL:010-62968301/8302    FAX:010-62968315

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