TCL Alioth

TCL Alioth

The unique igration platform meets the requirement of the image quality in the diagnosis and application of clinician. The system has high resolution and high frame-frequency imaging technology that can clearly show and dissect small lesions. The unique high-precision imaging technology and universal universal ultrasonic diagnosis range of the system fully meet the ultrasonic diagnosis needs of multiple ultrasonic diagnosis rooms and specialized departments.


First: intelligent 4D volume imaging technology

The new intelligent system and four images simultaneously display, greatly improve the inspection efficiency, real-time dynamic capture of the fetal air. Volumetric probe 3d imaging, without waiting, the reconstruction effect sector leading. It has important clinical significance to diagnose fetal face and fetal limb development.

The high efficient intelligent 4D laser light technology provides a variety of skin color rendering effects, reveals the real skin of the baby 4D images, and gives insight into the most real effect.


Second:High quality image technology

. Adaptive image optimization technology

. Frequency Composite Imaging technology

. Tissue Specific Iimaging technology

. Blood flow imaging optimization technology

. Dynamic spectrum measurement and analysis technology


Third: Innovative design enhances operational and reliability

. Monitor the free arm

. Multi-angle movement, providing greater use of space, convenient for different vision and Angle operation

. Transvaginal probe placement groove

. Unique Transvaginal probe placement groove design is convenient for operation and protection of probe

. Coupling heater

. Humanized coupling heater design, give the patient the most intimate warmth, the most comfortable feeling


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