Suspended X-ray Digital Radiography

Suspended X-ray Digital Radiography
TCL Eagle-DR2000

The product adopts the flat panel detector(FPD), the pixel number reaches 9 megapixels. Imported high power and high frequency X-ray generator guarantees stable X-ray output.Operation of the mainstream suspension frame system is easy and flexible.The installation and maintenance is easier.Virtual filter grid technology can reduce the X-ray dose by 2/3.

Ⅰ. Intelligent Suspension System

With advanced, all-electric suspension system and high - grade smart chest rack, it can help radiology to achieve maximum versatility and improve efficiency. 

Automatic positioning function is the most frequently used,which can  automatically sets the detector and suspension to the reservation.

Automatic tracking function alignes the X-ray tube and detector,which can improve efficiency and convenient use.    

Ⅱ. Advanced High-performance Imaging Chain

. Flat Panel Detector

A new generation of the amorphous silicon(a-Si) flat panel detector.

3.6lp/mm spatial resolution and 17''×17''automatic imaging zones, plus the virtual filter grid technology with the best algorithm, the Eagle - DR2000 achieves high quality images in the lowest dose.

. X-ray Tube

With high speed and double focus, it makes the image of the small lesion clearer and show better for the large lesion.

. X-ray Generator

The generator is controlled by the leading technology to ensure the minimum patient dose, good reproducibility and excellent image contrast.

The control function of the generator design simple, easy to use.    

Ⅲ.Perfect Software Functions

. DICOM medical records management, printing, storage and output functions.

. The disc has an automatic playback function and images can be recorded on CD/DVD.

. It can be compatible with all DICOM film printers, multiple film sizes and customizable film text information.

. The window width and window level can be adjusted independently.

. Rich built-in diagnostic templates that customize diagnostic templates.

. Graphic system and acquisition module.

. Seamless connection.


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